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How To Configure Host-Mobility on the S-Series

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TitleHow To Configure Host-Mobility on the S-Series
This shows how to configure Host-Mobility to allow for hot server failover with two  different routers running the same IP scheme.

1. Configure VRRP with Host-Mobility and Fabric-mode
interface vlan.0.1
ip address
vrrp create 1 v3-IPv4
  vrrp address 1
  vrrp fabric-route-mode 1
  vrrp host-mobility 1
  vrrp enable 1
  no shutdown

2. Configure 32 bit host routes for servers
ip route  
3.  Redistribute connected in OSPF  Config Mode (Entire OSPF Config not shown)
router ospf 1
redistribute connected

Additional notes
A router running Host-Mobility will send a unicast ARP  every two-and-a-half minutes to learned addresses, provided the MAC is in the SAT which has a default time out of five minutes .  the router sends a unicast ARP to the server every two-and-a-half minutes to  avoid  the SAT being cleared before the ARP is sent to the server.
Configure the ARP time out for four hours (14400 seconds) and the SAT time out higher at 14700 seconds to increase SAT and ARP cache efficiency.

 arp timeout 14400

# mac
set mac agetime 14700




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