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How To Configure Traffic shaping Using an Outbound Rate Limiter on the S-Series

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TitleHow To Configure Traffic shaping Using an Outbound Rate Limiter on the S-Series
  • Below is a configuration that rate limits.
  • The manual recommends that you configure policy with our tool Policy Manager, so I have linked a PMD file below to use in Policy Manager. 
  • Rate limits should be done with a policy. Create a policy, a new CoS, and a new port group. Then assign a  transmit queue and limit with an outbound rate limiter, and assign that policy to the ingressing traffic.
  • S-Series
  • All firmware versions
1. Configure the policy on the ingress ports which will likely be every port on the switch except the ones in the LAG on which we are configuring ORL. (this example shows only one port).
# policy
set policy profile 1 name DefaultPortRole cos-status enable cos 8
set policy rule admin-profile port ge.3.5 mask 16 port-string ge.3.5 admin-pid 1

2. Configure a port group using the physical ports in the LAG you wish to shape outbound traffic.(This could also be done one single port)
# cos port-config
set cos port-config orl 0.1 ports ge.3.1-44,47-48
set cos port-config orl 1.1 name LagPortGroup ports ge.3.45-46

3. Set the rate to which you want the traffic limited.
# cos port-resource
set cos port-resource orl 1.1 0 unit mbps rate 50

4. Assign the traffic to be rate shaped to an unused queue
# cos reference
set cos reference txq 0.1 8 queue 14
set cos reference txq 0.1 13 queue 13
set cos reference txq 0.1 14 queue 14
set cos reference orl 1.1 1 rate-limit 0

5. Configure the CoS for the ORL
# cos settings
set cos settings 0 irl-reference 0
set cos settings 1 txq-reference 1 irl-reference 1
set cos settings 2 txq-reference 2 irl-reference 2 orl-reference 0
set cos settings 3 txq-reference 3 irl-reference 3
set cos settings 4 txq-reference 4 irl-reference 4
set cos settings 5 txq-reference 5 irl-reference 5
set cos settings 6 txq-reference 6 irl-reference 6
set cos settings 7 txq-reference 7 irl-reference 7
set cos settings 8 txq-reference 8 orl-reference 1

6. Enable CoS
# cos state
set cos state enable
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