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How To Configure a Location in NAC or Control For Zone

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TitleHow To Configure a Location in NAC or Control For Zone
Configure NAC's  (Control) Location selector to match on Zone information from the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
Issues with Locations in Rules based on Wireless Zone or AP ID
  • All NAC platforms
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • EWC
  • XMC
  • NAC
  • Access Control
  1. In NAC Manager migrate to Tools >> Management and Configuration, Advanced Configuration.
  2. Expand NAC Configurations then Rule Components
  3. Right click on Location Group and select Add Location Group
  4. Configure a Name for the Location
  5. Click Add Item
  6. Configure an Entry Description
  7. Select the applicable wireless controller IP
  8. Set the Interface to Wireless
  9. Configure the Zone information in the AP ID
  10. Save the newly created Location
  11. Conduct an Enforce to the NAC appliance

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For Extreme Management Center (XMC)
Control->Access Control->Group Editor->Location Groups
Add or Edit a location
Note the AP ID section - the text string must match.
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Additional notes

Be sure the wireless AP has been assigned its Zone information and  be sure the applicable WLAN's RADIUS TLV's are set with the option "Replace Called Station ID with Zone name in RADIUS Requests" checked.

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BSSID =  the mac address of the SSID - it is not the SSID as advertised. This mechanism overwrites this value in the radius packet with the Zone Name, a string.



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