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How To Configure a probe to Monitor a Next-Hop of a Route-map on K/N/S-Series

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TitleHow To Configure a probe to Monitor a Next-Hop of a Route-map on K/N/S-Series
The config creates a probe that will monitor a next-hop and stop forwarding traffic to  the next hop when it stops replying to ping.
  • S-Series
  • N-Series(Firmware higher than 7.X.X.X)
  • K-Series
  1. su-config->probe ICMP-PBR icmp
su-config-probe->faildetect count 2 interval 5
  1. su-config-probe->exit
  2. su-config->route-map probe probe-name ICMP-PBR
Additional notes
The route-map manager supports the assigning of an ICMP probe to monitor a next hop IP address. The route-map facility uses the tracked object manager to monitor the IP address, but the ICMP probe is not assigned to a specific route-map. If a next hop IP address is declared down, it is removed from the next hop selection process for all route-maps specifying this address as a next hop, until it is declared up again. The assigned ICMP probe will ping port 0 of the specified IPv4 or IPv6 address.
Use the route-map probe command in router configuration mode to assign an ICMP probe to monitor the specified next hop IP address. Create a probe, using the probe command. A default ICMP probe cannot be specified by name. Use the default keyword to assign the default policy based routing ICMP probe.



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