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How To Create a Failsafe Account

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TitleHow To Create a Failsafe Account
To create a failsafe account after the initial bootup.
EXOS all
To create a failsafe account use the following command:  
configure failsafe-account {[deny | permit] [all | control | serial | ssh {vr vrname}
| telnet {vr vr-name}]}
Below example for creating a failsafe account.
enter failsafe user name: failsave_user
enter failsafe password: 
enter password again:
With the permit and deny options you can specify which methods the failsafe account may use, by default this is serial. 
Additional notes
The password can only be entered in the clear text unencrypted format.

Note that in EXOS 21.1 and higher, a one-time failsafe exists. For information on this process, see How to access an EXOS switch using a one-time failsafe password
This is only possible if no custom failsafe account has been created.

If a failsafe account has been created, the "show failsafe-account" will show whether a user-specifed failsafe account username and password are in effect, but it will not provide any details on the username or password.
This is information that cannot be seen and also not be retrieved by Extreme Networks.



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