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How To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS

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TitleHow To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS
How to enable and configure mirroring in EXOS
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  1. Create Mirror​:
    • create mirror <MIRROR_NAME>
  2. Configure port, or VLAN to be Mirrored:
    • configure mirror <MIRROR_NAME> add [vlan <VLAN_NAME> | port <PORT> {ingress | egress | ingress-and-egress}
  3. Configure Mirror destination port:
    • enable mirror <MIRROR_NAME> to port <PORT>
The following command can be used to verify the current configuration for mirroring:
  • show mirror mirror_name | mirror_name_li | all | enabled
  • show configuration vlan
Additional notes
To remove ports or VLANs from Mirror Filter:
  • configure mirror <MIRROR_NAME> delete [all | vlan <VLAN_NAME> | port <PORT> | vlan <VLAN_NAME> port <PORT> | port <PORT> vlan <VLAN_NAME>]
To disable Mirror:
  • disable mirror <MIRROR_NAME> | all
The Ingress-and-egress and egress options are only available for port-based mirroring.

This mirror is set up in hardware, and should have no CPU impact.

Note that untagged frames may be seen with 802.1q tags in the mirrored traffic. This is because all frames are given an internal tag when they enter the switch, even if they are received untagged or are to be transmitted untagged.



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