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How To Filter Incomming and Outgoing BGP Routes on an S-Series

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TitleHow To Filter Incomming and Outgoing BGP Routes on an S-Series
  • The config advertises only and filters all incoming routes except and of two prefix lists is required to distinguish between routes that are allowed and those that are disallowed.
  • Only one route-map can be applied per direction to each neighbor, which means we need to configure two sequence numbers to the route-maps. The first sequence number allows traffic and the second one denies it.
  • There are two route-maps in and out named for the direction in which they filter routes. Each has two sequence numbers. The permit sequence five is routes that are allowed and the deny sequence ten is the routes that are filtered for both the in and out route-map.
route-map bgp in permit 5
  match prefix-list inallow
route-map bgp in deny 10
  match prefix-list indeny
route-map bgp out permit 5
  match prefix-list allow
route-map bgp out deny 10
  match prefix-list deny

router bgp 65302
  bgp router-id
  neighbor remote-as 1234
  neighbor route-map out out
  neighbor route-map in in
ip prefix-list allow seq 5  permit 
ip prefix-list deny seq 25  permit le 32
ip prefix-list inallow seq 5  permit 
ip prefix-list inallow seq 10  permit 
ip prefix-list indeny seq 20  deny le 32

Additional notes
Verify the  incoming routes are filtered
su->show ip route bgp

IP Route Table for the base topology in VRF global
Codes: C-connected, S-static, R-RIP, B-BGP, O-OSPF, IA-OSPF interarea
       N1-OSPF NSSA external type 1, N2-OSPF NSSA external type 2
       E1-OSPF external type 1, E2-OSPF external type 2,
       i-IS-IS, L1-IS-IS level-1, L2-IS-IS level-2

B           [20/0]       via        vlan.0.192          1d04h00m36s

B          [20/0]       via        vlan.0.192             5h10m37s
Number of routes = 2

Verify  the outgoing routes being advertised

(su)->show ip bgp peer advertised-routes
Route status codes: adv - advertised, sup - suppressed, pw - pending w/drawal, wd - w/drawn
Route aggregation codes:
1 - Route is not aggregating or aggregated
2 - Route is aggregating
3 - Route is unsuppressed aggregated
4 - Route is suppressed aggregated

Stat Aggr    Network                  Next Hop        Rib MED Local-Pref Origin AS Path
adv  1          U   0      0      IGP     65302

How To Filter Some BGP Routes and Allow all Others on S-Series, and 7100-Series




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