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How To Generate New License File

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TitleHow To Generate New License File
This article covers the steps involved in generating the license for Physical and Virtual Servers.
  • Configuration and Orchestration Manager (COM) 
  • Any Software Version
  • Virtual Services Network (VSN) Manager in COM
  • Software Version depends on the version of COM
  • Bulk Configuration Manager (BCM) in COM
  • Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)
  • Any Software Version
  • IP Flow Manager (IPFM)
  • Any Software Version

New license files are required for below Enterprise Network Management Applications when performing upgrade to a major release or while migrating the server to a new host:

Configuration and Orchestration Manager (COM) 
Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)
IP Flow Manager (IPFM)
Virtual Services Network (VSN) Manager in COM
Bulk Configuration Manager (BCM) in COM

Collect the following information and reach Extreme support for new permanent license generation:

  • License Authorization Code (LAC) or Extreme Support and Maintenance Contract number (Mandatory if end users is migrating to major release i.e. from 3.0 to 3.1.x).
  • MAC Address of the server (For installation on a physical server) 
  • IP Address and Notice ID (For installation on a Virtual Machine)
  • The current version of the application.

NOTE: Once the above-mentioned information is available, open a service request with the Extreme support to proceed with license generation.

The IP address and Notice ID information must be obtained before performing installation or upgrade to next major release.

NOTE: For Windows server, it is recommended to log in as a local Administrator to run the LicensingInfo.bat File

For OVA or Linux based installations, log in as 'admin/admin123' to run file
Additional notes
  • License Versions for COM / BCM may be different and also for extended node licenses.
  • License versions are updated depending on the number of times they have been re-generated and not directly related to the software version of UCM / COM / VPFM / IPFM.
  • In the case of a "XEN" virtual machine, generate COM and BCM license based on MAC address instead of IP address and Notice field.
  • Certain modules within COM such as BCM (Bulk Configuration Manager), VSN (Virtual Service Network) Manager, CUG (Configuration Upgrade Generator) need a separate license to work. In order to generate these licenses, provide the respective LAC to the suppport team.
  • VSN licenses are generated based on either the MAC address for a physical server or IP address and Notice Information for a Virtual Machine. There have been issues in the past with Citrix, Oracle-based VM's wherein only the MAC based license would work. In such cases please get VSN license generated based on the MAC address.  
  • On upgrade to VSN 3.1 or later from its older versions, a new license is required as VSN 3.1 is a major release. The site needs to be entitled to Upgrade contract else it will require to upgrade the contract.
  • We can not upgrade the COM 3.1.x to COM Plus/NM + with the same license file, COM Plus/NM+ need Separate license from COM 3.1.x. If the customer is not ready for it,  reach out to their respective PLM/CSM to drive it further.
  • Old license file would not be entertained and would not be accepted as a valid proof of purchase.
  • If the customer upgrades his product and requests an upgrade license for that upgraded version, then the customer requires to have a GU level entitlement which entitles upgrades.
Example: If the customer runs COM 3.0 and has additional upgrades for 50-250 nodes and a BCM upgrade license for 250 nodes. The customer would require to have GU level upgrade contract for all of them.  i.e. GU level upgrade for COM 3.0, GU level upgrade for 50-250 nodes and a GU level upgrade for BCM 250 nodes as well.
  • Expired contracts will work as a proof of purchase but in this scenario, the customer will only receive licenses for the product mentioned in that expired contract.
  • In scenarios where the customer is requesting licenses for COM 3.1.x and has LAC codes for COM 3.0.x, the customer is required to share a valid GU level support contract which entitles upgrades.
  • Minimum turnaround time for the licensing requests is One Business Day.
  • No weekend support for generating license will be entertained when reaching out to the licensing team via email.
  • No trial licenses requests would be entertained.
Trial licenses would be provided in rarest of situations depending on the PLM, no commitments are to be made to the customer for the same.
  • In scenarios where we need to upgrade customer’s setup. It is required to set the expectations with the customer that upgrade licenses will be provided only if they have a GU level support contract.



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