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How To replace K-Series, SSA, Only Fabric card in multi-slot chassis or 7100-Series Switch in VSB pair

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TitleHow To replace K-Series, SSA, Only Fabric card in multi-slot chassis or 7100-Series Switch in VSB pair
How To replace K-Series,SSA or 7100-Series switch in VSB pair.  It is the same processs for chassis systems that  have to replace the only fabric card. 
  • K-Series
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • SSA
  • Bonded Pair
  1. Save the running configuration on the existing VSB system with command: show config outfile slot<N>/BACKUP.CFG (where N is the slot number of the chassis that will remain in the VSB system).
  2. Copy off the configuration via a TFTP server with command: copy slot<N>/BACKUP.CFG tftp://IP_ADDRESS/BACKUP.CFG
  3. Configure the replacement unit for bonding with commands:
set bonding chassis <UNIQUE CHASSIS #> system-id <MATCHING ID#>
set bonding port <PORT_STRING> enable
set bonding port <PORT_STRING> enable
set bonding enable
  1. The replacement unit will reboot.
  2. Connect bonding cables after unit has fully booted.
  3. Copy configuration onto switch with command: copy tftp://IP_ADDRESS/BACKUP.CFG slot<N>/BACKUP.CFG
  4. Reload configuration from file created using step 1 type: configure slot<N>/BACKUP.CFG append
​Note: If using Link Failure Response cables, ensure to enable bonding on the LFR ports, and also type "set bonding lfr enable"
Note: Different firmware on the replacement than the master causes a second reboot to load firmware
IMPORTANT NOTE: If your configuration contains any 40GB ports such as fg.x.x that have been configured as 10gb ports (command in config would be "set port speed fg.X.X 10000"), you will need to reboot the replacement switch and re-append the configuration one more time as the new tg.x.x port commands will error upon the first append as they don't yet exist
Additional notes
For Step 3. to find the license, use the  " show license " command on the existing system and copy the license for the unit that is being replaced.  Chassis number will be 1 for this step when setting the license.  Or log onto your portal license page to locate the advanced router license for the unit being replaced.
When doing the set bonding chassis command  the <unique chassis # > is the number of the unit that you are replacing back into the VSB  if unit 2 failed Unit 2 would be the replacement chassis number for this step.  The system-id is the system id of the existing VSB .
Note: Use the command " show bonding"  on the existing  VSB system    This will show chassis and system id info needed for the replacement unit
Set bonding chassis matching secret not required.
Step 5 and 6 you can tftp the configuration back or use the dir command and reload the saved config from the slot you saved when you performed the show config outfile slotN/filename.cfg command    configure slotN/filename.cfg append 

Also see Hub article 14688 (, "S-Series Virtual Switch Bonding chassis replacement procedure".




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