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How can I change my ExtremeWireless Controller Management and AP Registration IP

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TitleHow can I change my ExtremeWireless Controller Management and AP Registration IP
  • What is the best way to change the Extreme Wireless Controller Management IP and AP registration IP? 
  • How can I limit downtime on my wireless controller if I change the Management IP? 
  • ExtremeWireless
  • Any Controller
  • Any Version
  • AP Registration
  • AP Management
  1. Prepare user community for a disruption in service.

  2. Add new RADIUS/NPS IP addresses for the controller where needed. 

  3. Add in Controller IP to DNS server.

  4. Backup both of the controllers locally and remotely

  5. Change the DHCP option 78 to the new IP.  You can change the static IP in the controller search list. 
    How To Configure an AP to Find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller with DHCP Option 78 on a Windows Server

  6. Logon to the (Backup)controller that is going to be modified and release any APs which may have wandered over to it.

  7. Change the VLAN on the switch port (If necessary)

  8. Change the IP address/Mask/Gateway and VLAN ID of the Port1 topology on the UUT and verify its connectivity (may require reboot.) –

  9. On the Master Controller, run the availability Wizard using the new IP of the backup controller.      Verify ALL APs have their tunnel connected.

  10. On an AP (both local and foreign) verify they have learned their new controllers IP

  • Confirm configuration with “cget config global”. Look for authIpAddr 1/2 way down. Should be new IP.

  • If this method fails, the admin will have to SSH/telnet into the affected AP's and set the Auth IP to the correct controller 

  • Commands:

    • The command to statically set the controller is ‘cset authIpAddr 1 x.x.x.x’, after that you do a ‘capply’ and ‘csave’. After the csave wait for output saying the CLI was saved to config and then execute with a ‘reboot’ command.

      1810Y-1234500000# cset authIpAddr 1
      After applying the config, a manual AP reboot is needed for this to take effect.
      1810Y-1234500000# capplu
      -sh: capplu: not found
      1810Y-1234500000# capply
      Applying latest cset commands
      1810Y-1234500000# csave
      1810Y-1234500000# reboot
    • If the configuration needs cleared the command 'cset factory' can be used

    • Older AP’s such as the AP4102s / 26xx series use following:

Set authip 1 x.x.x.x

Set authip 2 x.x.x.x
In order to reset to factory defaults: 
Rm apcfg
Rm apcfg.bak
Rm acinfo.conf
Set factory


  • Verify redundancy – Verify that the Availability tunnel is up, license mode is paired

  • Test connectivity – Availability reports, AP client reports, etc

  • Change IP address of Controller in NetSight and other network management applications.

  • Navigate to the AP Multi-edit section, highlight all the access points you want to make the change to.

  • Now put in both the primary and backup controllers.

***WARNING*** Make sure the address is correct in the static search list field. If it’s wrong and the change is pushed, you will need to reset each access point manually back to factory.  Add in the NEW IP address of the controller in the search list, save the change.

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