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How do I assign different vlans to the same WLAN/SSID

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TitleHow do I assign different vlans to the same WLAN/SSID
  • How do I assign different vlans to the same WLAN/SSID
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment to one SSID; “RFC 3580 (ACCESS-ACCEPT) Options”
  • Assigning dynamic role by using Tunnel-Private-Group-ID
  • 802.1x
IdentiFi Wireless
To assign different VLANs to the same SSID, the VLAN must first be configured on the Switch’s the APs are connect to for “B@AP topology” or the switch the Controller is connected to for “B@WC topology”.
This document will focus on VLAN 217.
  1. A WLAN Service is configured with a Default Topology, (in this example, the Default Topology is Vlan216), with “Auth & Acct” Authentication Mode 802.1x.
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    • User-added image
  2. A roll needs to be configured for each VLAN.
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  3. The VLAN mapping must be configured under the RADIUS setting.
  • “VNS>Global>Authentication>(radius)>RFC 3580 (ACCESS-ACCEPT) Option
  • Select “Both RADIUS Filter-ID and Tunnel-Private Group-ID attributes”
  • Click “New”
  • Enter a name
  • Select Role from drop-down.
  • Click Add
  • Click Save
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Using WireShark, confirm Radius returns correct AVP with correct VLAN ID.
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Confirm using Controllers “Report by Clients” that end Device is in correct VLAN (image6)
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