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How do I configure OSPF on a C5 Securestack

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TitleHow do I configure OSPF on a C5 Securestack
How do I configure OSPF on a C5 SecureStack
  • C5-Series
  • All firmware
  • C5L3-LIC
Sample Configuration:
C5(rw)->router#show running-config
. . .
license advanced xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
interface vlan 138
no shutdown
ip address
ip ospf areaid
ip ospf enable
router id
router ospf 2038
Additional notes
Here is how to verify OSPF communication to a neighbor, showing the adjacency is full.
C5(rw)->router#show ip ospf neighbor
ID Pri State Dead-Int Address Interface 2 Full 40 vlan 2038

Please note an Advance Routing License would be required in order to configure OSPF on a C5, please see the below article for more information:
What is the advanced routing license for the C5 series?




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