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How To configure the AP3916i Access Point on a Wireless Controller?

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TitleHow To configure the AP3916i Access Point on a Wireless Controller?
How do I configure the WS-AP3916ic Access Point on a Wireless Controller? 
How do I configure the camera so that it can be accessed? 
  • Version 10.31 and newer
  • All Controllers
  • WS-AP3916ic-FCC and WS-AP3916ic-ROW (31034 and 31035)
  • Integrated Camera
  • ExtremeWireless
  • AP3916ic
  • Camera
  1. Controller must be running version 10.31 or newer
  2. The 3916i Access Point is configured on the controller as every other AP. (See Additional Notes for other references)
  3. The Integrated Camera is controlled as a dedicated separate port on the AP. The camera acts as a client device on the AP
    • The CAM port must be assigned to a WLAN Service and Topology
    • The CAM port will obtain a separate IP address for communication to the camera
  4. Multicast must be enabled in the Topology that the CAM port is assigned to.
    • WS-Discovery (ONVIF):  OR (All) must be enabled. 
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  1. Camera IP will show in the AP Config screen:
User-added image
  1. The Integrated Camera can be accessed through an application supporting ONVIF/IP Camera discovery
  • Subscribe directly to RTSP stream:
    – Video is streamed via RTSP – H.264 or Motion JPEG (MJPEG)
    – Stream 1
       Max Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p)
       RTSP URL: rtsp://<Camera IP>:554/live/ch00_0
    – Stream 2
       Max Resolution: 640x360
       RTSP URL: rtsp://<Camera IP>:554/live/ch01_0
  1.  The Integrated Camera can be access through a browser using the URL  https://<Camera IP address>
    • Default password is admin/admin

For additional configuration information please see the v10.31 User Guide, pages 134-144:
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