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How do I create a new SSID WLAN service on my IdentiFi Controller

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TitleHow do I create a new SSID WLAN service on my IdentiFi Controller
Creating a new SSID WLAN service and broadcasting on AP radios
  • IdentiFi
  1. Go to VNS>WLAN Services

    VNS>WLAN Services
  2. Click New to create a new service

    Click New
  • Enter a name for the WLAN service
  • Select the service type
  • Change the SSID (optional)
  • Enable Hotspot functionality (optional).  For more information, see Configuring Hotspots on page 325 of the IdentiFi Wireless User Guide
  • The default status of the WLAN service is Synchronized and Enabled
    Synchronize -- Enables automatic synchronization with its availability peer.  Refer to Using the Sync Summary on page 361 for information about viewing synchronization status. If this VNS is part of an availability pair, Extreme Networks recommends that you enable Synchronize. By default the WLAN service is enabled. Clear this checkbox to disable the WLAN service
  • Click Save
  • For information about fields and buttons on this page, see Table 44
    Fields and buttons
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