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How do I default a T5 switch if I don't know the username and password?

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TitleHow do I default a T5 switch if I don't know the username and password?
How do I reset the T5 switch to factory defaults if I do not know the login username and password?
  • T5 PowerBroadband Switch
  • TS-524
  • TS-0524
  • PBN
  • Private Broadband Networks
  • T5 Switch
  • TW-522
  • TW-511
  • TW-510
  • T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL2
  1. Connect to the T5 switch console port on the front of the T5 switch.  Log in using a Terminal program.
  2. Reboot the switch using one of these methods: a) disconnect and reconnect power b) use paperclip to press the Reset button on the front.
  3. During the Countdown to Boot (you will see 3, 2, 1 countdown), type boot and press <Enter>
  4. That should put you in the bootloader menu.  If it doesn't and the system continues to boot up, try the procedure again. You must finish typing "boot" before the countdown ends.
  5. In the bootloader menu, type commands:
    1. moto reset config
    2. moto boot
Additional notes
  • This procedure requires a 9-pin Serial Cable.  The cable must be a straight-through cable.  A Null modem cable will not work.
  • The Terminal settings are 19200, 8, None, 1 and No Flow-control
  • This procedure requires access to the bootloader of the T5 switch.  Using undocumented bootloader commands is not recommended and may damage the T5 switch.
  • The factory defaults of the T5 switch are:
    • IP Address
    • GE1 enabled
    • username/password admin/admin123 or if running very old firmware, admin/motorola .



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