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How do I delete an RF-Domain from NSIGHT

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TitleHow do I delete an RF-Domain from NSIGHT
Due to changing environments, RF-Domains may be retired or renamed 
WING/NSIGHT or higher
RF-domain should be deleted from the WiNG configuration using “no rf-domain” cli command. Nsight will then sync the config and delete that rf-domain from the left navigation tree.
We don’t allow deletion of RF-domain from Nsight directly.
Additional notes
It is really important to remove all the APs first from that domain's floormap before deleting the whole domain, otherwise those APs will not be available to be placed back on the floormap until the database is dropped, and all the new data synchronized again with NSiGHT. If you need to proceed deleting those APs, the procedure is included in the article below:

How to delete NSiGHT's floor maps



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