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How to Activate new Access Point to AZARA cloud?

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TitleHow to Activate new Access Point to AZARA cloud?
How to Activate Access Point to AZARA cloud?
NOTE: Before you add and activate an access point, ensure the following:

• There are no controllers that can adopt the Azara access points on the same physical network on which the access point is connected.
• There are no DHCP servers pushing configuration overrides to the access point on the same network
• No manual controller address configuration done on the access point Also, seamless roaming is not supported for the Onboard Captive Portal feature.

To add and activate an access point:
1. Select the Inventory/Devices tab, then click the + sign located to the right. Add the access points to use in this site.
                  Inventory/Devices tab                      
2. Enter a Name for the access point. Access point name cannot be longer than 32 characters. The following rules apply when naming access points.
• Access point name can contain [A-Z] [a-z] [0-9]. Name can also contain the underscore (“_”) or the hyphen (“-”) characters.
• Access point name cannot start or end with the underscore (“_”) or the hyphen (“-”) characters.
• Access point name cannot contain space (“ ”).
Provide a name that identifies this access point from others that may be deployed within the same site. Choose a unique name, for example, “Entrance_Lobby_AP”, “Accounts_Department_AP”, etc.

3. Locate the MAC address and serial number of the access point. This information can be found on the bottom of the access point. Enter the access point’s MAC address in the MAC Address field and the serial number in
the Serial Number field.

4. Use the drop-down to select the Site where this access point is physically deployed. Similarly, use the dropdown to select the Network where the selected site is located.

5. Enter the Activate button at the bottom right of this screen to complete the activation. The access point is available for use after a short delay, the length of which is network dependant.

To add more access points, repeat steps 1-4 for each access point. Once done, use the Activate button to activate the access points.
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