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How to Change the Name of an Access Point

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TitleHow to Change the Name of an Access Point
This document provides the step-by-step procedure for modifying the name of an Extreme Wireless Access Point.
  • ExtremeWireless (formerly known as IdentiFi)
  • Sofware version 10.31
  • WS-AP3700
  • WS-AP3800
  1. Login to the wireless controller via wireless assistant (aka: GUI interface)
  2. Click on AP tab
  3. Under APs, click on Local
  4. Click on the target AP whose name you wish to change
AP Tab -> Local APs
  1. The following AP window will show up: 
  2. Click on the Configure button
AP -> Local APs -> AP: Configure
  1. The Edit AP window will appear
  2. Under AP Properties, edit the Name: field with the desired new name - Please see the following for requirements - Access Points Host Name field does not match the Access Point Name
AP -> Local APs -> AP: Configure -> Edit AP
  1. Click on the Apply followed by the Close buttons.
  2. The Local APs information window will display the new configured name. 
AP -> Local APs -> Name Modified
Additional notes

If you need further technical assistance, please do not hesitate do contact the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) of Extreme Networks. 

See also How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)



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