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How to Change the OneView Device Polling Cycle

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TitleHow to Change the OneView Device Polling Cycle
How can the Extreme Management Center (EMC) Polling Cycle be changed?
Extreme Management Center (EMC) v7.0.4.9 and greater
  1. Access EMC > Administration Tab >Diagnostics> Historical Statistic Collector > Statistical Collection Configuration
  2. Highlight the the device(s) for which the Polling interval is to be changed
  3. Select the "Edit" Button
  4. Adjust the fields, set to (15) by default, to the desired lower value
Additional notes
To adjust the Polling Rates on a Global basis:
  1. Go to EMC > Administration tab > Options > OneView Collector 
  2. Edit the Poll Rate in the Device Collection, Interface Collection, and Wireless Collection sections, as desired.
  3. Select the "Save" Button at the lower right of the window.



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