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How to Collect a Tech Support File from an Extreme Wireless Controller

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TitleHow to Collect a Tech Support File from an Extreme Wireless Controller
Collect a Tech-Support File from a Extreme Wireless Controller
What should you select to generate the tech support, All, AP, Controller or Log?
  • Extreme Wireless (formerly known as IdentiFi)
  • All wireless controllers (WC)
  • All firmware versions
  • Tech support
  • Logs
  • Configuration
  1. Access controller through Web Browser "https://<IP_ADDRESS>:5825"
  2. Click on the Logs tab (top of page task options)
  3. Click on Tech Support button on bottom right of web page
  4. Select All Radio Button
  5. Select No Stats Radio Button
  6. Select Generate New Tech Support File Button
  7. Select OK button after reading warning in new pop up window
  8. Select Close button when the process is done
  9. Select Download Last Tech Support File Button
  10. This will push a file onto your computer

If you find that the file is too large or it is taking too long, you can choose to generate the tech support on Log or Controller.  Generally, the Log option is the next best to select, because it will capture the complete log messages on the controller.  Selecting AP or Controller will only capture the logMessages.log file which rolls over quickly.  Below is a picture showing the files contained in each Tech Support option. 

User-added image
Additional notes
For the ExtremeCloud Appliance - How to generate a tech support file on the ExtremeCloud Appliance

For procedures to generate tech_support from CLI, please refer to the article ExtremeWireless: How to Generate Tech_support File from CLI

Also, the article linked below provides additional information about how to get show tech or tech-support from other platforms:
How to collect a show tech or a tech-support to provide to GTAC




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