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How to Collect a Tech Support file from WiNG Wireless Controllers and/or Access Points

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TitleHow to Collect a Tech Support file from WiNG Wireless Controllers and/or Access Points
This document describes how to collect tech-support file from WiNG wireless controller or Access Point (use the same process for Express SKUs)
  • WirelessWiNG
  • WiNG v5
  • WiNG v4
  • WS5100
  • RFS6010
  • RFS7010
  • RFS4010
  • NX9XXX
  • NX75XX/NX75XX-E
  • NX65XX/NX45XX
  • NX55XX/NX55XX-E
  • AP8432
  • AP8533
  • AP82XX
  • AP75XX
  • AP7522-E
  • AP76XX
  • AP71x1
  • AP65xx
  • AP650
  • AP62x
  • AP8132
  • SSH
  • FTP Server
  • TFTP Server
  • USB FAT32 Format
The following steps show how to export tech-support from a WiNG wireless controller

  • Terminal Emulator Application (i.e. Putty)
  • TFTP or FTP Server
  • USB drive FAT32 format (Optional)
  1. SSH (enabled by default) or TELNET (if enabled) to the target WiNG wireless controller or access point (AP)
  2. Login with user name, "Login as:," and "Password:" credentials
  3. Type "enable" <enter>
There are three methods for exporting the tech-support file.
  • Method for copying the file via FTP (Wireless controller and AP)
#service copy tech-support ftp://ftp_user:ftp_pwd@<ftp_server_ip>/<filename> <enter>

#service copy tech-support ftp://agal:Tellno1@ <Enter>
  • Method for copying the file via TFTP (Wireless Controller and AP)
#service copy tech-support tftp://<tftp_server_ip>/<filename> <enter>

#service copy tech-support tftp:// <Enter>
  • Method for copying the file via USB (Wireless controller only)
#service copy tech-support usb1:/<filename> <enter>

#service copy tech-support usb1:/tech-support.tar.gz <Enter>
If you want to export the techdumps for different devices follow the method below
vx9000-1#remote-debug copy-techsupport hosts vx9000-1 remote-AP-1 remote-AP-2 write ftp://ftpuser:ftppassword@ftp.server.local/folderForDumps/
Additional notes
  • After tech-support has been exported, ensure the file has been created correctly by exstracing or test archive the content, then, please make sure to archiver/unarchiver the file using a application (ex. 7zip) prior sending the file to the GTAC.
  • TELNET is disabled by default on ExtremeWinG wireless controllers and WiNG APs
  • It is recommended for the controllers and access points to be running software firmware over WiNG5.X minimum, as WiNG4 is not longer supported by Engineering.



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