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How to Configure Basic IP Routing on Securestack

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TitleHow to Configure Basic IP Routing on Securestack
Configure IP routing between two VLANs on a Securestack switch.
SecureStack Switch
Two or more IP Subnets
  1. router
  2. enable
  3. configure
  4. interface vlan <1st VLAN_ID>
  5. ip address <1st VLAN Interface IP_ADDRESS> <SUBNET_MASK>
  6. no shutdown
  7. exit
  8. interface vlan <2nd VLAN_ID>
  9. ip address <2nd VLAN Interface IP_ADDRESS> <SUBNET_MASK>
  11. exit
  12. exit
  13. exit
Additional notes
  1. The Default Gateway IP Address must be on the same subnet as one of the configured VLAN interfaces.  This is the next hop router to get outside the local networks and is usually the core switch or router.
  2. If one of the routed VLAN interface addresses is already configured as the layer 2 host address then this MUST be removed via a console session first.  See Article 4558: Cannot create layer-3 IP address in same subnet as layer-2 IP address - Error stating Subnet Conflict
  3. To configure a third or subsequent VLAN interface for routing follow steps 4,5,and 6, or 8, 9, and 10 as above.



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