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How to Configure RFC 3576/5176 on for 3rd party switches in NAC Manager

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TitleHow to Configure RFC 3576/5176 on for 3rd party switches in NAC Manager
Configure NAC to use RFC 3576/5176 for 3rd party devices
  • Extreme Control
  • NAC
  • 3rd Party Wireless LAN controller: EG: Ruckus, Meraki, Aruba
  1. Add the WLAN controller to the NAC Switches tab
  2. Enforce the NAC appliance
  3. Right click the NAC Appliance that is handling the WLAN controller
  4. Click "Webview"
  5. Click on "Status" 
  6. Click on "Switches and Routers"
  7. Scroll down to the "Switch Dynamic Information" 
  8. Find the Switch IP for the WLAN controller and copy the SysObjectID displayed
  9. In NAC Manager click Tools --> Management and Configuration --> Advanced Configuration
  10. Drill into Global and Appliance Settings --> Appliance Settings --> Click on the appliance settings profile used
  11. Click on the "Reauthentication" tab
  12. In the Switch Reauthentication Configuration window click the small "Add new switch reauthentication configuration" button
  13. Select "Manage RFC 3576 Configurations" button
  14. Click the small "Add new RFC 3576 reauthentication configuration" button
  15. Name the Configuration, and configure the MAC format, destination port (typically 3799) and all relevant features that are necessary per the WLAN vendor's specifications
  16. Click the "OK" button
  17. Click the "OK" button again
  18. Enter the sysObjectId that was determined earlier
  19. Change the Reauthentication Type to the new RFC 3576 configuration created
  20. Click the "OK" button
  21. Click the "Save" button
  22. Enforce the appliance
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