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How to Configure SNMPv3 Traps via NetSight Console

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TitleHow to Configure SNMPv3 Traps via NetSight Console
Configure SNMPv3 Traps via NetSight Console
All NetSight Platforms
  1. Right click on the device from the Device Tree
  2. Select the Trap Receiver Configuration menu item
  3. In resulting Trap Receiver Configuration UI, verify that the Trap Received IP column is populated with the address of the NetSight server, that the Type column is populated with Trap, and that the Trap Credential column is populated with the correct SNMP credential for the device.
  4. Select the Apply to All Devices button.
  5. Change to the snmptrapd tab.
  6. Highlight the device row in the Credential Table
  7. Select the Get EngineID button.
  8. Verify that the EngineID column has been populated.
  9. Verify that the correct SNMP credential is populated Credential Name column.
  10. Select the Add To File button. This will alter the snmptrapd.conf file.
  11. Scroll to the last line of the bottom window
  12. Verify that the last entry in the file is a line containing the Engine from Steps (8-9) above. 
  13. Select the Save button.
  14. You will be asked to restart the SNMP trap service at this point.
Additional notes
When the Apply to All Devices button is selected in the above process, the bottom portion of the screen (Trap Receivers on Devices) should now have the number of receivers increase by 1.

The Trap Receiver Configuration UI can operate on individual devices, but can also be run against multiple devices or device groups by using the <Shift>-click or <Ctrl>-click key combination. 

The Get EngineID and Add To File will need to be done for each switch that will be sending traps.

To configure traps for Summit switches running XoS, please view this article:
Netsight: How to configure a summit switch to send a SNMP v3 trap to Netsight, and have Netsight correctly log the trap for that switch




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