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How to Configure Spit Tunnel for PPTP on XSR

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TitleHow to Configure Spit Tunnel for PPTP on XSR
Configure Split Tunnel for PPTP VPN users such that only corporate destined traffic uses the VPN, all other general Internet bound traffic uses the default gateway for the users local ISP.
  • XSR
  • Windows XP
On the Windows Computer:
  1. Deselect "use default gateway on remote network" in the VPN connectoid on the Windows computer (not on the short-cut if there is one):
    1. On the desktop, right-click on the "My Network Places" icon and select "Properties".
    2. Right-click on the connectiod icon for this VPN connection and select "Properties".
    3. At the top of the dialog box, select "Networking".
    4. Highlight the entry for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)".
    5. Click on "Properties".
    6. Click on "Advanced".
    7. On the "General" thumbtab, unselect "use default gateway on remote network".
    8. Click on "OK" all the way out.
  1. If the corporate network has multiple subnets which the client needs to reach then the VPN concentrator needs to advertise these subnets via RIP to the VPN clients and you need to add RIP listener to the connectoid on the client PC:
Add the RIP listener service to the PC:
  1. Click "Start" and select "Settings" then click "Control Panel".
  2. Click Add or remove programs" then select "Add/Remove Windows Components".
  3. Click Networking Services - but do not click the "Select" checkbox - click "Details"instead.
  4. Click the "Select RIP Listener" check box then click "OK".
  5. In the Windows Component Wizard, click "Next".
  6. When prompted, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into the computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive and click "OK".
  7. Follow the instructions presented on the remaining pages of the Wizard to complete installation of the RIP Listener.
On the XSR:
  1. Configure static route for the destination network(s) on the XSR
    1. ip route
  2. Configure RIP on the XSR
    1. router rip
    2. network  (PPTP VPN Subnet)
    3. redistribute static
    4. redistribute connected
Additional notes
  • The instructions above work for Windows XP.
  • Please consult Microsoft for further information about the RIP listener.
  • For information about enabling RIP Listener for other operating systems please consult the OEM documentation for that operating system.



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