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How to Configure XSR for PPTP

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TitleHow to Configure XSR for PPTP
Configure XSR to support PPTP User Connections
  • XSR
  • VPN
  • PPTP 
1. If not done previously, create a master encryption key for the router.  If the router already has a master key skip to step 2:
crypto key master generate

2. Configure an IP address pool to be used for the Virtual Private Network connections:
ip local pool virtual_subnet

3. Configure a multi-point VPN Interface and apply the first address of the pool:
interface Vpn1 multi-point
ip address

4. Add the IP pool to the DEFAULT AAA group:
aaa group DEFAULT
ip pool virtual_subnet
5. Configure the PPTP user names and passwords:
aaa user <username-1>
password <SeCrEt>
Additional notes
  • Done in the manner above the PPTP users will be members of the AAA group DEFAULT.  This group name is case sensitive - the router has a default group named DEFAULT - all upper case letters.  
  • If you configure another aaa group named default in lower case or mixed case these will be completely different groups and can be source of confusion for the router administrator.
  • When using the aaa group DEFAULT you need not specify the group when configuring the aaa user - all will be placed into this DEFAULT group.
  • If using an aaa group other than DEFAULT you must add the IP address pool to that group then specify the group of which the aaa users are to be members
  • Example:
aaa group Engineering
ip pool virtual_subnet

aaa user <Engineer-1>
password <Secr3T>
group Engineering
  • When displaying the list of aaa users (show aaa user)  all users will be displayed but the passwords are not shown.  
  • It is recommended that if required users passwords should be stored off-node.  If a user forgets his or her password it can then be retrieved and provided to the user, otherwise a new password will need to be configured and provided to the user separately.



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