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How to Debug Specific traffic on N-Series,S-Series,K-Series and 7100-Series

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TitleHow to Debug Specific traffic on N-Series,S-Series,K-Series and 7100-Series
  • Does the "S-Series" support debug commands
  • Sample Debug Configuration
  • N-Series
  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • All Models
  • All Firmware Version
  1. Create an ACL to profile traffic displayed in debug.
  2. Enter ROUTER mode, type "router"
  3. Enter configuration mode, type "config"
  4. Type Ip access-list extended debug (create ACL named debug)
  5. Type Permit ip host any 
  6. Type Exit
  7. The ACL profiles interesting traffic without blocking traffic.
  1. Associate the debug to the ACL
  2. Type Debug packet filter access-list debug (debug is the name of the access list)
  1. The S default output for debug is ten packets.
  2. Increase the number of packets to 1000. Type "Debug packet control limit 1000"
  3. Execute restart command, type "Debug packet restart"
  4. Display the debug message real time by typing "Set logging here enable"
  5. Whether "enable logging here" or not, the messages is stored in the logging buffer and can be seen afterward by typing "Show logging buffer"
Additional notes
  • The sample above debugs 1 host ( and the ACL can be increase to subnets as well as UDP & TCP & other protocols
  • traffic on a daughter vrf can be debugged by using this on each vrf
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