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How to Upgrade ExtremeWare

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TitleHow to Upgrade ExtremeWare
ExtremeWare upgrade procedure
  • ExtremeWare
  • Summit 48si
  • Alpine
Extremeware Software upgrade procedure:
  1. Download the appropriate ExtremeWare image.
  2. Load the new image onto a TFTP server on your network (if you will be using TFTP) or Load the new image onto a PC (if you will be using XMODEM).
  3. Ensure that you are able to ping the TFTP server from the switch.
  4. Download the new image to the switch using the following command: download image [<hostname> | <ipaddress>] <filename> {primary | secondary}
  5. Reboot the system for the upgrade to take effect: Type "reboot", then when asked if you want to reboot the switch now, type "yes".

Additional notes

ExtremeWare is no longer supported.
ExtremeWare can no longer be obtained from the support portal.



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