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How to Request IdentiFi Wireless Eval license

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TitleHow to Request IdentiFi Wireless Eval license
How to request IdentiFi Wireless Controller Eval license
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    1.  Log into your Extreme Portal account License section here:  (to create a new portal account, go here: )
     2.  Under the Evaluation Voucher section, click Request button:
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     3.  On the Request Evaluation Voucher form select the Product Family "ExtremeWireless", the appropriate Product key type according to your Region, and click the checkbox for Terms & Conditions, then click Submit:
             (To verify Product type, see: Which IdentiFi Wireless Controller Regulatory Domain Licenses apply to a specific Country? ) 

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     4.  You will be brought to the Voucher Details page for the Evaluation License, now click Generate license button:
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     5.  On Generate License window, type in the Admin MAC Address / Locking ID of your Wireless controller, Select your Install Country, Click Terms & Conditions Checkbox, then Click Submit:
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     6.  The Voucher Details will now display the Eval License Key to input into the controller
Additional notes
Note: Only one EVAL license can be applied to a controller, and it is not possible to extend the term of such a license. If the EVAL period has expired, you will need to factory default the configuration in order to apply another EVAL license.
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