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How to Run AirDefense Appliance OnBoard Diagnostics model SV4250 / SV365x

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TitleHow to Run AirDefense Appliance OnBoard Diagnostics model SV4250 / SV365x
  • Verify Hard Drives and Raid Controller status via Onboard Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics Needed for appliance hardware troubleshooting  
  • AirDefense
  • ADSP
  • AirDefense Appliance
  • SV4250
  • SV3650
  • SV3652
  • SV-4250-P-1
  • SV-3650-P-1
  • SV-3652-P-1
  • diagnostics
  • troubleshoot
  • onboard diagnostics 
Here are the steps to perform the SV-4250 and SV-365X appliance(s) onboard Diagnostics Disk Verification utility (drive scans), as well as checking the RAID status:
(Note: reminder that a Direct Connect to Appliance (physical monitor and keyboard) is needed to perform this testing):
  • Direct Connect - Login to the SV4250 or SV365x appliance console (smxmgr / ADSPadmin) ok
  • Select > Manage > then HALT (this will shut down the appliance) ok
  • Physically Power on the appliance - During power up you will see a prompt on the screen “Adaptec Raid Controller Configuration Utility” press CTRL-A to invoke the utility ok
  • At the diagnostics screen select “Disk Utilities”
  • Select #0 (which is the first hard drive)
  • Select verify “Verify disk media”  (the drive scan will start - runtime is approx 1 hour and 10 minutes)
  • When the first drive has successfully completed go back and run the drive scan on #1 (which is the second hard drive)
  • IF both hard drives pass the Verify Disk media tests, you will then want to check the “array configuration status”
  • From the Adaptec Raid Controller Diagnostics main screen select “array configuration utility”
  • Select “Manage Arrays”
  • Selet 00 mirror = enter
  • Array status should show “status = optimal”
  • If the array status shows “optimal” go ahead and let the system boot up normally OK
  • Clear the RAID Array Degraded alarm as discussed
  • Monitor system for the alarm to re-trigger
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