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How to Upgrade NetSight and NAC From Firmware to

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TitleHow to Upgrade NetSight and NAC From Firmware to
How to Upgrade NetSight and NAC From Firmware to
  • NetSight
  • NAC
We have currently released the v5.0.0.232 version of the NetSight Suite. While it is not required for both the NetSight and the NAC to be "rev-locked", most people do keep both at the same revision. This allows all of the features of the software to be used. Some functionality is not available if the revisions are not matched.

Assuming that you are going to upgrade both the NetSight Server and the NAC Appliance(s), the grand overview of the process would be:

0) Perform a Database backup.
1) Bring the NetSight Server up to v4.3.0.108.
2) Bring the NAC Gateway(s) up to v4.3.0.108, one-at-a-time.
3) Bring the NetSight Server up to v5.0.0.232.
4) Bring the NAC Gateway(s) up to v5.0.0.232, one-at-a-time

The following are the resources detailing the upgrade process of both the NetSight Server itself, and the NAC Gateways:

=All Documents can be found under the following "parent" link:
Enterasys Extranet -> "Documents/Downloads" -> "Visibility & Control" -> "Network Management Suite (NMS)" ->"Documentation" Tab -> "Manuals & Release Notes" -> "NetSight 5.0"

1) "NetSight Suite" -> "Release Notes" -> "Upgrade Information" Section
-This details the upgrade path. In your specific instance, this would be: -> v4.3.0.108 -> v5.0.0.232

-This also details that the older NetSight licensing keys (starting with INCREMENT) are no longer supported in
NetSight 5.0.
Older License Keys can be converted by use of the "NetSight 5.X Upgrade Request" located at ""

2A) Windows-based NetSight
"NetSight Suite" -> "NetSight Installation Guide" -> "NetSight Installation - Windows" Section
-This describes the new install procedure, but the upgrade process is exactly the same.

2B) Linux-based
"NetSight Appliance" selection -> "SNS-NSS-A Installation Guide" -> "Upgrading NetSight Appliance Software"
-This describes the new install procedure for a Real Appliance, but the upgrade process (Real or Virtual) is exactly the same.

3) "Network Access Control (NAC)" -> "Upgrading to NAC 5.0" -> "Upgrading NAC Appliance Software" Section
-This describes the v5.0 upgrade procedure, but (with the exception of the filename of the upgrade file) the process is exactly the same for the v4.3 upgrade.

Finally, as I had mentioned in the above overview, prior to performing any type of maintenance or upgrades, we should first take a backup of the NetSight database. This can be done from NetSight Console via the "Tools" -> "Server Information" -> "Database" Tab. By default, the backup files are stored in the "<NetSight_Install_Directory>/backup" folder. It is not necessary, but I would suggest copying the backup file, it's associated "*.rpt" file, and any subfolders within the "<NetSight_Install_Directory>/backup" folder over to a Server separate from the NetSight Server itself.
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