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How to Upgrade XSR-1800 Series Routers

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TitleHow to Upgrade XSR-1800 Series Routers
Install upgrade firmware on XSR-1800 router
  • XSR-1805
  • XSR-1850
  • Change Firmware Revision
  1. Select and download the correct version of the firmware for your router. (see additional notes below)
  2. Unzip the package, there will be one .fls file in the zipped archive, this is the file you need to put on the router.
  3. Launch a TFTP server, we suggest "tftpd" (as of this writing this is available at ) and configure for the directory in which the file was saved, make note of IP address of computer that is running the tftp server.
  4. Log into the router CLI and from an Enable mode prompt copy the unzipped file to the router flash as shown in the example below
  5. Reboot the router with the command "reload"
  6. Once the router is back up from the reload log in and verify the running version is correct. 
XSR1800-A#copy tftp flash
Address of remote host []:            
<-- IP address of computer runing the tftp server
Source file []: vpn_fw_xsr1800.fls                        <-- Name of uncompressed file
Destination file name [vpn_fw_xsr1800.fls]: xsr1800.fls   <-- MUST Re-name to "xsr1800.fls" here
Copy 'vpn_fw_xsr1800.fls' from server
  as 'xsr1800.fls' into Flash(y/n) ? y                    
<-- y for "Yes"
Download from server done
File size: 5347628 bytes
<-- Display directory listing in Flash 

Listing Directory flash:/

-----       ------     ------    --------e
 5347628    APR-27-2017  09:11:00   xsr1800.fls           
<--  This is the operating image, check for today's date.
    2228    APR-27-2017  06:19:52   persistent-data
     500    APR-27-2017  06:42:02   user.dat
      21    APR-26-2017  20:09:46   private-config
     744    APR-26-2017  20:09:46   startup-config
       0    JUN-18-2015  09:53:30   cert.dat
    1,017,856 bytes free
    6,381,568 bytes total

<-- Reload the router to force loading new image
Proceed with reload (y/n) ? y

                X-Pedition Security Router Bootrom
               Copyright 2004 Enterasys Networks Inc.

HW Version: 9002854-02 REV0A  Serial Number: 0000019876543210
CPU: IBM PowerPC 405GP Rev. E
VxWorks version: 5.4
Bootrom version: 3.4
Creation date: Apr 23 2004, 16:21:58

Warm Start : SystemReset from cli

Testing Bootrom Integrity << PASSED >>


Verifying flash:xsr1800.fls file ...
Router S/W size=15190596 sum=0xe218 compressed_size=4802366 entry=0x10000
Diagnostics size=2228788 sum=0xbae3 compressed_size=545091 entry=0x10000
Testing S/W Integrity flash:xsr1800.fls << PASSED >>
Loading Router S/W to address 0x10000

Verifying uncompressed chksum ...
Loading Router S/W from file flash:xsr1800.fls done.
Starting from 0x10000...

Attaching interface lo0...done

Restoring startup configuration files, please wait

Startup configuration files have been restored.

login: admin
'admin' password is not set, it is advised to set it and save it to startup-config
XSR1800-A><186>Apr 27 10:04:23 XSR1800-A CLI: User: admin logged in from console
XSR1800-A#show version
Enterasys Networks Operating Software
Copyright 2002 by Enterasys Networks Inc.

  Motherboard Information:
    XSR-1800 ID: 9002854-02 REV0A CPLD Rev 1
    Serial Number: 0000019876543210
    Processor: IBM PowerPC 405GP Rev. E at 266MHz
       ***CPLD Rev 1 is invalid for 266MHz***
    RAM installed: 64MB
    Flash installed: 8MB on processor board
    CompactFlash not present
    Real Time Clock
  I/O on Motherboard:
    FastEthernet 1
    FastEthernet 2 Rev 0
    H/W Encryption Accelerator Rev 1
    Empty NIM slot 1
    Empty NIM slot 2
    Empty internal NIM slot 3

    Version 3.4, Built Apr 23 2004, 16:21:58

    Version, Built Oct  4 2013, 15:28:05                
<-- Operating image revision number
    CLI revision 1.5
    Software file is "flash:xsr1800.fls" with VPN; with Firewall.  
<-- Optional feature sets enabled
    XSR-1800 uptime is 0 days hours, 1 minutes.

Additional notes
1.  There are four versions of each released revision:
  • Basic operating image without optional feature sets enabled:  xsr1800.fls
  • Optional Feature Set VPN only                                            vpn-xsr1800.fls
  • Optional feature set Firewall only                                         fw-xsr1800.fls
  • Optional feature sets VPN and Firewall                                vpn-fw-xsr1800.fls
2.  The basic image can be copied to the router's flash without changing the name of the file.
3.  All three versions with optional feature sets enabled MUST have the file name changed to "xsr1800.fls" either before copying the image to the router, or can be changed during the process as shown in the example above.
4.  That there is not enough space in the flash to contain more than one copy of the operating image.  Transferring the new image to the router will and must overwrite the existing image file.  
5.  DO NOT disconnect power during the image transfer!
6.  Use the same process to install an earlier revision if desired.



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