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How to Upload AP Device Image File using WiNG Controller web interface

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TitleHow to Upload AP Device Image File using WiNG Controller web interface
  • Provide instructions to upload AP device image file using WiNG controller web interface (Web UI)
  • WiNG
  • WiNG Controller
  • VX9000
  • NX
  • RFS
Use the Device Image File screen to select device image types for firmware updates and set the transfer
protocol used for staging the firmware to the device itself prior to its update.

To define an upgrade configuration for a controller, service platform or access point:
  1. Select Operations.
  2. Ensure Devices is selected from the Operations menu on the top, left-hand, side of the screen.
  3. Expand the System node, select the controller from the list
  4. Select the Adopted Device Upgrade tab.
  5. Select Device Image File.
User-added image
  1. Change Device Image Type using drop down to the correct device model type.
  2. Select Advance and Select the protocol for device firmware file management and transfer. Available options include:
  3. tftp
  4. •ftp
  5. •sftp
  6. •http
  7. •cf
  8. Enter in IP address of server.
  9. Enter AP image file name including  .img file extension in Path/File field.
  10. Select Load Image.
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