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How to access the CLI of a cloud connected switch

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TitleHow to access the CLI of a cloud connected switch
Access the CLI of a switch that is connected to ExtremeCloud.
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  • EXOS
Steps to gain access to the switch CLI:

1. Obtain console access to the switch 

2. At the switch login prompt, enter: 


3. Copy the text from "EXOS version" to the end of the Challenge sequence as per the output shown below:

EXOS version:
System MAC : 00:04:96:40:B9:D0
Challenge  : RgKI5d%tkd9vR1kxGjS7ZEf**FamK8PfyFRHWaL4*BfBdsV1CiPtLIKbTESx7xmUU

4. Copy and submit this copied text to GTAC so that they can generate the one-time failsafe password.
Additional notes
Please note, the one-time failsafe password that is generated is only good for the challenge that was used to generate it. If the password is not entered exactly as it appears, the login will fail and you will need to contact GTAC to have a new failsafe password generated from a new challenge. 

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