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How to activate a WiNG license voucher

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TitleHow to activate a WiNG license voucher
As of April 10th, 2017, licensing for Extreme Wireless WiNG products is being managed through the Extreme Portal .  All pre-existing license data has been migrated from Zebra Technologies to Extreme Networks.
  • WiNG Licensing
  • WiNG License Voucher
  • License Key Activation - Zebra 
  • Extreme Support Portal
  • RFS-4000 License Voucher
  • RFS-6000 License Voucher
  • RFS-7000 License Voucher
  • NX-4500 License Voucher
  • NX-5500 License Voucher
  • NX-6500 License Voucher
  • NX-7500 License Voucher
  • NX-9000 License Voucher
  • NX-9500 License Voucher
  • NX-9600 License Voucher
  • VX-9000 License Voucher
  • Azara License Voucher

1. Login to the Extreme Portal .   If you do not have an existing account  you can register for an account on the Registration Page
2. Once you are logged into the Extreme Support Portal select Assets > Licensing

    select assets

3. From the Licenses Home page select Generate License

    User-added image
4. Enter the voucher serial number in the space provided
    User-added image
5. Enter the hardware serial number of the WiNG controller that the license voucher will be applied to. Do not use the Additional Voucher ID tab unless you have any other voucher to add, this is not intended to add any comment or information.
6. Select the check box to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and then click Submit
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7. You will be redirected to the Voucher Details page where the license key that was generated will be displayed.
8. Click the Copy link to the left of the license key in order to copy the key into your clipboard.   The key can then be pasted into a document on your local       system. 

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