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How to activate an SSID for a certain period of time

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TitleHow to activate an SSID for a certain period of time
Activate a specific SSID to broadcast for some concrete time and date (ex. during the week and working time, from 8am to 5pm)
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Controllers
  • WirelessWiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
  • WirelessWiNG Acess Points
  • WiNG v5.X Software
Configuration on GUI

The option is under the following tab:

Wireless > Select your SSID/WLAN > Auto Shutdown > Time Based Access

Here is an screenshot where to configure it:

User-added image

You can select which days you want to apply this restricted access and during which hours it is going to work. After you choose the correct day and time, please commit and save to make the changes persistent.

Configuration on CLI

Login into the controller or AP (if that AP is independent or acting as a Virtual Controller). Then type the following commands on CLI:
# conf t
# wlan wlan-name
# time-based-access days weekdays start 08:00 end 17:00
# comm wr

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