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How to add Air Defense licenses to standby appliance?

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TitleHow to add Air Defense licenses to standby appliance?
How to add new licenses to standby Air Defense appliance?
  • ADSP
  • AirDefense
  • Extreme AirDefense
  • CMC
  • License
As both devices are coupled in AirDefense license database, the change of active device will be reflected to standby automatically.

To retrieve the updated license (on standby device) follow this proces:
  • Open standby GUI and navigate to Configuration - Appliance Platform - Appliance Licensing and click Add Licenses and continue with I need to request a license or check on a pending request
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  • Fill license details / company details (if you do not know these, move to last point)
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  • Process the request 
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  • Confirm license count is correct
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  • If any above fails, contact GTAC for help

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