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How to add NAC gateway per switch for redundancy?

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TitleHow to add NAC gateway per switch for redundancy?
By default, Only two NAC gateways per switch can be used in the NAC manager for redundancy.
There is a parameters can be used to increase the number up to four gateways per switch.
  • NAC / NetSight
NAC manager can support up to 4 NAC gateways per switch for redundancy.
It is a configurable parameter which it allows you to configure up to four redundant NAC Gateways per switch in the Add or Edit Switches in NAC Appliance Group windows.

In the NAC manager, go to Options->Display->Display Counts
Please notes that the maximum number of NAC gateway is 4

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After the change, the number of NAC gateway will be changed based on the NAC gateways you have specified in the Display counts

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