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How to Add a Node to a SummitStack

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TitleHow to Add a Node to a SummitStack
Add a new switch into an existing stack
  • Summit
  • SummitStack
  • EXOS All
  • Verify switch to be added is running the same EXOS version and is on the same partition.
    • show switch
  • Verify that stacking protocol matches on the existing stack and the new switch.
    • show stacking configuration
    • show stacking detail
Note: If the command, "show stacking configuration" is not working on the new switch, please ensure that the stacking-support is enabled.
enable stacking-support
  • Power down new switch and cable it up in the stack.
  • Power the new switch back up.
  • On the existing stack verify the new switch is being seen by the current stack (The command below will display the new switches MAC and show that stacking is disabled):
    • show stacking
    • If the new switch is not showing then double check the actions above to make sure they are correct. If you are still having trouble getting the new node to show up contact GTAC.
  • On the existing stack, type the following commands:
    • configure stacking node-address <MAC_OF_NEW_SWITCH> slot <SLOT_#>
    • synchronize stacking node-address <MAC_OF_NEW_SWITCH>
    • enable stacking node-address <MAC_OF_NEW_SWITCH>
    • reboot node-address <MAC_OF_NEW_SWITCH>
  • After the new switch reboots, verify that it is in the stack with the command show slot
Additional notes
If this switch is to be master capable, it must have the same license level as the stack is currently operating at.
This can be checked with show license

Verify the stacking protocol is same as that of existing and new node to be added in stack.

If stacking is already enabled on the switch to be added to the stack, first disable it with the command disable stacking

If, after adding the new node to the stack, the serial number information is not available in a show version 
output, please make sure the slot type is configured by issuing the 

configure slot <slot_number> module <module_type> command.

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