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How to add port name in notification emails

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TitleHow to add port name in notification emails
Add port names to notifications emails sent from NetSight
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • Extreme Management Center
NetSight Console Java app.

1. Edit the alarm in question.
2. Change to the Actions tab.
3. Place a check in the Override Content box.
4. Click on the Edit Content button
5., Click on the Show Keywords link at the lower left. This will display a list of key words that you can add to the email subject and the e-mail body. $alarmSubcomponent will provide the alias of the port in the notification
6. Click the Apply button.
7.  Click the Close button.

Extreme Management Center web interface:

1.  Start Extreme Management Center
2.  Change to the Alarm & Events > Alarm Configuration tab.
3.  Select the Alarm to change and click the Edit button.
4.  Select the Actions tab.
5.  Select the Email action and click the Edit button.
6.  Place a check in the Override Content box.
7.  Click the Show Keywords button to see a list of potential option to use  (in this case use $alarmSubcomponent).
8.  Use that keyword anywhere in the subject or body of the email message.  Example:

Device: $deviceIp 
Severity: $severity 
Message: $message
Interface Name: $alarmSubcomponent 

9.  Click the Save button to save the action.
10.  Click the Save button to save the alarm.
Additional notes
Please note that the alias information for the port will not display the name until the second trap/event comes in. The first time the notification will get sent before the port cache is populated with the name. After that you should get the name.

See: Traps are not displaying port alias information in NetSight Console > Event Logs
 for more details



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