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How to add the AP name to emails NetSight sends

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TitleHow to add the AP name to emails NetSight sends
Add in the name of access points to emails sent from NetSight
  • NetSight Console
  • Wireless Controller
  1.  Click Tools menu dropdown > Alarm/Event > Alarms Manager
  2.  In alarms Manager, click on the Alarm you want to modify (Such as "AP Out of Service)
  3.  Click Actions Tab below
  4.  Click Override Content Checkbox so that it is checked
  5.  Click Edit Content button
  6.  Under the E-Mail Body: section, add the value "$alarmSourceName"
  7.  Click Apply > Apply > then OK to save all changes on windows

Reference following KCS article to include IP address of AP:
How to add the IP address of the AP to NetSight notification emails
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