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How to apply a bootprelay dhcp server to a specific vlan

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TitleHow to apply a bootprelay dhcp server to a specific vlan
Apply a bootprelay dhcp server to a specific vlan.
  • EXOS 15.1 and greater
  • NAC Appliance
Bootprelay DHCP server has to be added globally :
  • configure bootprelay add <DHCP SERVER IP> 
Enable bootprelay on the VLAN where Client is located as well as the server VLAN:
  • enable bootprelay vlan Client
  • configure bootprelay vlan Client add <DHCP SERVER IP>     (Optional, In case if you would like the Client VLAN to use a different DHCP server IP other than the one Mentioned in the Global Bootprelay pool. 
Example config:

X460-24x.5 # show config "nettools"
# Module netTools configuration.
configure bootprelay add vr VR-Default
enable bootprelay vlan client
enable bootprelay vlan voice
enable bootprelay vlan server <<< This is the where the DHCP server resides or reachable via.

Additional notes
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For NAC Host Resolution Issues: 
If customer is using DHCP, but the NAC is unable to resolve IP addresses and Machine type from XOS switch, then these commands may need to be added so the NAC IP address sees the DHCP server. So treat the NAC as a DHCP server in the above situation.



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