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How to autoprovision EXOS via USB

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TitleHow to autoprovision EXOS via USB
How to use USB auto Provisioning for EXOS switches?
summit Switches
Exos 22.3
  1. collect the files from source switch :
  • Run, and then rename the file ztp.cln:
run script usb –o
  • Use tar or WinZip to create a compressed file containing all of the files from the source switch, and then rename it ztp.lst.
  • Create a plain text file with a list of all of the file names from the source switch, and then reanme it ztp.lst.
  • Select .xos, .xmod, .cfg, .xsf, and .py files as needed, and then append "ztp" (not case sensitive) to the beginning of each file name.
     2. Copy the necessary file(s) (dependant on which method you used) to the USB drive:
  • ztp.lst (compressed file)
  • ExtremeXOS image, configuration, and script files, as needed
      3. Ensure that the receiving switch is unconfigured—either "just out-of-the-box" or run 
  • unconfigure switch {all | erase [all |nvram]}
     4. Insert the USB drive in the receiving switch , Files found on the USB drive are processed in the following order:
  • ztp.xos is installed to the inactive partition
  • ztp.xmod is installed in the inactive parttion
  • ztp.cfg is copied to primary.cfg
ztp.xsf is run using the load script ztp.xsf command is run using the run script command
If the switch supports it, during the USB ZTP process the front panel LEDs display a flashing pattern instead of the usual link activity. If a stacking slot seven-segment display is available and the hardware supports it, the switch scrolls the letters "U S b". When USB ZTP finishes, the LEDs resume their normal behavior

Additional notes
Criteria for USB Zero Touch Provisioning
The following is required for USB Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) to work:
• The receiving switch must be running ExtremeXOS 22.3 or later.
• The USB drive must be formatted with FAT32.
• The receiving switch must be unconfigured.
• The receiving switch must be compatible with the source switch for ExtremeXOS image files
(suffix .xos).
• The following conditions must not be present:
• Stacking enabled.
• Default.xsf is present.
• Autoexec.xsf is present.



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