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How to make automatic backups a Netsight Database using Console

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TitleHow to make automatic backups a Netsight Database using Console
To provide instructions on backing up the mysql database from Netsight Console
To make automatic backups of Netsight Database
  • Netsight Console
  • MySQL
From Netsight Console
Tools->Options->Database Backup

1. Once in the window, be sure to make sure a checkbox for a day of the week or more to backup. By default this is not enabled.
2. Limit your backups. If you do not limit your backups, and have extensive reporting enabled, your disk will eventually run out of space
3. Note the location of the backups. It is a smart idea to gather these files off the appliance to an external device for further safety insurance.
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4. Make these changes, click Apply and then OK
Additional notes
To restore a backup, please review How to restore a Netsight Database
To make scheduled backup in Extreme Management Center Version 8.x and above:
How to schedule automatic backups in Extreme Management Center
How to take an immediate backup on Extreme Management Center: How to backup and restore the Extreme Management Center database in version 8



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