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How to build a stack of Summit X770 and X670 using SummitStack-V320

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TitleHow to build a stack of Summit X770 and X670 using SummitStack-V320
How to build a stack of Summit X770 and X670V using SummitStack-V320
  • Summit X770
  • Summit X670V/VIM4-40GX
1. Hardware Requirements
 - Summit X770: No option card required. The front ports 101-104 are used for SummitStack-V320
 - Summit X670V: VIM4-40G4X option card required. The four ports S1-S4 are used for SummitStack-V320 
2. Software Requirements
 - Ensure all the switches in a stack have the same EXOS/bootrom/license level, and boot to the same partition.
3. Physical cabling of the stacking ports
 - Cable stacking ports as per the below table with native 40G MPO cables and QSPF+ SR4 optics(or QSFP+ direct-attach cables).

(X770)      (X670V/VIM4-40GX)
 101 ----------- S2
 103 ----------- S4
 102 ----------- S1
 104 ----------- S3

4. Configuration Steps
 - Enable "stacking-support" and reboot the switches respectively. 
# enable stacking-support
# configure stacking-support stack-ports all selection native v320 
# reboot

 - Configure stacking protocol to enhanced and reboot the switches respectively.

# configure stacking protocol enhanced
# reboot

- Enable stacking on either of the switches. (All the switches will be rebooted with factory default configuration automatically) 
# enable stacking
# Yes            

- If you need to change slot number and stack master priority, please use the below commands in the current master node and reboot the stack. 
# configure stacking node-address <node-mac-address> slot-number 1   
# configure stacking node-address <node-mac-address> slot-number 2   
# configure stacking node-address <node-mac-address> priority 100   >>> The larger, the higher priority 
# configure stacking node-address <node-mac-address> priority 90    
# reboot stack-topology 
 * node-mac-address is the mac address of a member switch and it can be viewed by "show stacking" or "show stacking configuration".  
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