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How to calculate the shadow (Zero Config) IP Address of a WiNG Access Point

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TitleHow to calculate the shadow (Zero Config) IP Address of a WiNG Access Point
Wing Access Points have a shadow or secondary IP that can be used to gain access to the AP GUI and CLI if the assigned IP address is unknown.  To derive the shadow IP address of an AP, convert the last two bytes of the AP’s MAC address from Hexidecimal to Decimal.  All Shadow IP Addresses are within the 169.254.x.x IP Address range.  
AP MAC address - 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A
AP IP address equivalent –
  • Extreme Wireless WiNG
  • WiNG
  • Access Point
  • WiNG AP65xx
  • WiNG AP71xx
  • WiNG AP75xx
  • WiNG AP76xx
  • WiNG AP81xx
  • WiNG AP82xx
  • WiNG AP84xx
  • WiNG AP85xx
To derive the AP’s IP address using its factory assigned MAC address…
  • Document the AP Mac Address.  The MAC Address can be found on the label on the bottom of the Access Point.
  • Open the Windows calculator by selecting Start>All Programs>Accessories>Calculator.  This menu path may vary slightly depending on your version of Windows.
  • With the Calculator displayed, select View>Programmer.  Select the Hex radio button.
  • Enter a hex byte of the AP’s MAC address.  For example, F0.
  • Select the Dec radial button.  The calculator converts the hexidecimal value F0, to the decimal value of 240.  
  • Repeat this process for the last AP MAC address octet to complete the 169.254.x.x shadow IP Address
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