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How to centrally manage multiple Extreme Wireless Controllers

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TitleHow to centrally manage multiple Extreme Wireless Controllers
How to centrally manage multiple Extreme Wireless Controllers
  • Extreme Wireless
  • Netsight Console
  • IdentiFi 
Additional notes
Before launching the Wireless Manager application, you should perform the following tasks:
1. Install or upgrade the NetSight server software.
2. Install your NetSight license. (If you are not using the NMS-BASE, NMS, or NMS-ADV licensing model, you will also need to install your Wireless Manager AP capacity licenses.) For licensing information, contact your Extreme Networks sales representative.
3. Launch NetSight Console.
4. In NetSight Console, create a full administrator account to be used by Wireless Manager to manage discovered Wireless Controllers.
5. Using the administrator credentials, create NetSight discovery profiles. Ensure that Wireless Controllers are discovered using an SNMP v2c or SNMP v3 profile. This profile must also contain SSH CLI credentials for the Wireless Controller. Wireless Manager uses the Wireless Controller’s CLI to retrieve required device configuration data and to configure the managed Wireless Controllers. To configure the CLI credentials: a. From NetSight Console, access Tools > Authorization/Device Access > Profiles/Credentials tab. b. Select the CLI Credentials subtab. c. Select the CLI Credential being used by the Wireless Controller’s Profile, and Click Edit. d. Enter the user name and password to be used in the credential. For Wireless Controllers, you must add the Login password to the Configuration field instead of the Login password field. The username and Configuration password specified here must match the username and Login password configured on the Wireless Controller. e. Verify the SSH connection type is selected. f. Click OK. g. Use this CLI Credential in the Wireless Controller’s profile. 5 of 238
6. Discover Wireless Controllers using NetSight Console. Any Wireless Controllers that you discover will be available for viewing and configuration in Wireless Manager.
7. Optionally, from Wireless Manager, you can change the Langley protocol shared secret that is used for mutual authentication between a Wireless Controller and Wireless Manager



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