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How to change SwiftUI to Enterprise

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TitleHow to change SwiftUI to Enterprise
How to change web user interface for WiNG5 access points from SwiftUI (Express) to full enterprise environment.
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
    • AP7532
    • AP7522
    • AP7562
  • WirelessWiNG Access Points
  • Firmware version 5.8.3 and above 
Changing access point's UI via adopting controller
  1. Log to adopting controller via CLI
  2. Navigate to desired AP profile
  3. Apply command use enterprise-ui
  4. Reload affected AP
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Changing access point's UI via itself
  1. Log to affected AP or virtual controller
  2. Navigate to AP profile
  3. Apply command use enterprise-ui
  4. Reload APs
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Changing access point's UI by tweaking startup-config
  • Log to affected AP / virtual controller
  • Navigate to Configuration - Access Points - Manage Access Points
  • Check AP / virtual controller you want to change
  • Click on Tools and select Export / Import Config
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  • Select Local and Export
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  • Navigate to last row of AP profile and add command use enterprise-ui
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  • Save and Import back to AP similar way you exported startup-configuration
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  • Reload AP

Additional notes
Enterprise UI change will take effect after device reboot. To return to this simplified user interface, the AP must be set to factory default.

You should not turn on the GUI on adopted APs since they are controller from the Controller and the reason it was turned off was to allow additional memory.
This feature is not available on Wing Express APs. 



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