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How to change agentless assessment password

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TitleHow to change agentless assessment password
Change the agentless assessment password
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  1. Go to the install directory for the assessment agent adapter on the assessment server. This can be a Nessus server or the NAC appliance if you are using on-board agent-less assessment. On a NAC appliance, the install directory is /opt/nac/saint. 
  2. Run the script (on a NAC appliance, the script is located in located in /opt/nac/saint/util) using the new password as the argument. The script will produce a hash string that looks something like: 9ba2db465ff11b0bdfd188f7ee87b10fc3a145dc \
  3. Open the file (on a NAC appliance, the file is located in /opt/nac/saint/ and replace the existing hash string with the new one: admin=<new string> 
  4. Restart the assessment agent adapter. On a NAC appliance, the command is aglsctl restart. 
  5. In NAC Manager click "tools"->"options"->"Assessment Server" and change the password to the same password that you used the sha1 script to hash
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