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How to change chassis IO module without clearing the module configuration

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TitleHow to change chassis IO module without clearing the module configuration
When you unconfigure a slot you will lose the port settings. You don’t need to unconfigure (or reconfigure) a slot when you swap two identical cards in the same slot. You only need to do so if you swap between different line cards. 

There is no way to swap easily swap between a UTP card to a Fiber card or even if you swap to a fiber card with different number of ports.
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The method to change the XML config is as follow:
1.       TFTP the current config to a TFTP server
2.       Give it a distinct name (let’s use SW-1.cfg for this example)
3.       Open the file SW-1.cfg with a file editor
4.       Find all lines that contain G48Xa (the example is for slot 1)

5.       Change the configured type to G48Xc for the appropriate slot (i.e. slot 1 in my case)

6.       Save the file with a different name (SW-2.cfg)
7.       TFTP the new file back to the switch.
8.       Use the command “use configuration SW-2.cfg” to tell the switch that it should use the new file using bootup.
9.       You now can power down the switch, swap the IO modules and power it up again.
10.   If everything is connected properly, the switch should be operational as before.
11.   You can check with the command “show slot” to see that it has the right slot type configured.
12.   After verification that all is working correctly, you can save the current configuration with the original name, if you want that.

The same behavior is applicable when changing from G48Ta to G48Tc cards
Additional notes
In the unlikely case something is not working as expected, we have ensured a roll-back procedure as well; just put the old IO module back and reboot the switch with the “SW-1.cfg” config file.



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